Privacy Policy.

The data that I collect is that which is provided by you and will only be used by me to provide information on my classes. If classes are covered by another teacher in my absence, the teacher does so on a self employed basis (and so will have their own privacy policy) and is not a part of Dance for Everybody. I will provide the cover teacher with PAR Q forms which they will return to me. Your information will be with them for a short time until I receive it. If this makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to leave off your contact information and simply fill out the health questions so that they can make sure it is safe for you to join in.

The contact information that you provide is needed so that I can keep you updated with: new class information, changes to a current class, cancellations, term dates, performances, etc.

I obtain this information by you, the client, contacting me via this website, email, telephone and social media. 

I keep the information for as long as you are happy for me to do so. If you wish for me to delete or shred your information, please let me know and I will remove your information at the earliest opportunity.

If you do not wish to be contacted by me any further, please inform me and I will make sure that I no longer contact you and will delete your data.

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